Land Surface Temperature Chicago (8/21/20)

Credit: Bill Yen

As a part of the GIS hackathon hosted by Earth Hacks, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Urban Canopy, I created an interactive web map of the heat island effect in Chicago during a hot summer day in August within just 24 hours.

This map displays the heat island effect in the City of Chicago during a summer afternoon using NASA ECOSTRESS thermal imaging data. It also highlights the top ten hottest and coolest properties in different regions of the city. The redder a section of the map is, the warmer the land surface temperature. Click on markers to see more information about the sites.

The GIS mapping of this project was done using QGIS with the support of Earth Hacks, NASA JPL, and Urban Canopy, and this page was created using HTML, CSS, and the Mapbox GL JS API.


Hot face= Hottest Properties Cool face= Coolest Properties